I had my hair cut…

…for nothing special. No big change in life. No lovelorn. No (or not much) loss in the stock market. Just wanna make it “a little bit” shorter. But when the barber made the first cut, I knew that the definition of “a little bit” in my dictionary is totally different from hers. Did I scream out? Nope. I just closed my eyes, and enjoyed it. Hardly in my life do I have that kind of feelings. It was such a long time ago when I had my hair so short like that.It reminded me of the first time I decided to grow out of the silly shell of shyness and stand up to lead, or to break away the saying encoring inside my head for quite a long time that “Linh, you cannot sing”, and sing loud.

And yes,sometimes what made me happy was just a mistake.

“Everything happens for a reason”

Dave is one of my best friends. This 70-year-old man is now living in Vietnam, crazily happy with his tons of ideas. To be frank, he is one of the very few people who can help me realize that how amazing I am in this life.

With two university degrees, background in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, long time working around the world, and then a private business, he finally lost almost all of his money in the real estate bubble in 2008. His wife, who is his life treasure, died of cancer, in pain. Then he decided to leave the US and headed for VN. When coming here, he even spent many days wandering along streets, with nearly no money to buy food, and no one to count on.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason”. He always says that. “With no doubts, the time I have spent in Vietnam so far is the best time of my life with so much fun, incredible experience and great friends”. In VN, he has worked very hard on both normal and crazy ideas. He failed several times, got betrayed sometimes but chinned up always. If one day you come across an American old man with white hair and a cheerful face, sitting in a coffee shop with various types of books and dictionaries, trying to learn by heart “Kieu Story”(like a child with a totally fresh mind), it should be Dave.

It is just one of thousands stories that I can see in the real life, of course if I try.

 With whom will I go to New York?

Something that looks bad may turn out to be great, or, much worse than I ever think. It depends partly on its nature, partly on my attitude, and partly on the-one-who-walk-with-me. One friend told me that “If you go to New York by yourself, you will get terrible experience. But if you go with a person who really understands New York, it will be your unforgettable memory”. If you have ever been to New York, I think you can see.

Lucky for Dave, though still betrayed sometimes, he really finds nice people in this second home so that he does not have to walk alone, or walk in a chaotic crowd without direction.

Lucky for me, I always have someone to go with on every way.

Lucky for you, because you can still read this note, which means that after what’re so called life disasters, failures and mistakes, you still have some resources and energy to access fb, that you still have someone whom you care about (whom you’d like to stalk) and who cares about you here. This means you are walking, not alone. No matter what.

Did you try to load the image above? There are many things which are not like what they seem to be. For some good-or bad- reasons. Don’t get mad at me lol.


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