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This kid is a mixture of a LEGO player, who can spend hours analyzing the discrete inputs, building the prototypes, and a BARBIE player, who creates stories out of observation and imagination. Such analytical and creative thinking has helped me to come up with various ideas in branding, education, culture and arts.


While most people think of sending Vietnamese students abroad, in 2014, I co-founded Student Exchange Vietnam, whose programs and events have constantly attracted students and professionals from 10+ countries to Vietnam for study and internships.

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# Fact 1: Our super young team wake up at American time, play French games, decorate the office with Japanese dolls and test “how Vietnamese you are” with durians and baluts.

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I have been the co-founder, coach, and outreach marketer in various educational projects that help boost the personal and professional development of the younger generation at LYD Volunteer Club (Hanoi), Entrepreneurship YEA Camp (HCM city), Onetoworld, Beauty Plus Network and Edtech (New York).

# Fact 2: When I was 6, I used to teach the trees to dance. To prepare, I “researched” what were the common movements of the trees during the wind, what songs would be nice to match and when the wind tended to be strong enough. Ok, that’s how I learned to dance.

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The “tree-dancing curriculum” was finally leveraged to be a traditional dance that I composed for the Vietnamese team at HPAIR conference (Singapore). Later, I also learned the jungle dance in a wild yet emerging African city (Nigeria), the Filipino dance, not in the Philipines, but in Osaka (Japan). Culture is just like dancing – Making the moves, being more social and refreshing the mind!

#Fact 3: I wrote 2 novels at the age of 10, both about the adventures of a small girl going across the sea to explore the world… by boat. And yes, she danced.

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Some sweet arts: Food – Handmade – Snapgraphy and Acting

#Fact 4: You don’t believe that I am a kid…

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